Bioelectric Therapies

  • Bioelectric therapies may include pulsed electromagnetic fields, electro-acupuncture, bioelectric controlled hormone therapies, bioelectric stem cell homing signal therapies, high intensity laser light therapy which may delivered either non-invasively or via a minimally invasive endoscope catheter device. The signaling sequences may be delivered via nerves or directly into the target treated regions via non-invasive temporal interference (crossing two frequencies at target location), direct delivery via a conduction lead or via non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic field waveforms.
  • Biologics therapies may include delivery of mixed compositions of stem cells, exosomes, amniotic fluid, PRF, selected alkaloids, oxygenated nanoparticles, nutrient hydrogel, natural herbs and ECM matrix.

Early stage startup dedicated to treating Endometriosis

Wave is focused on developing products intended to improve treatment by applying a combination of bioelectric and biologics.

A number of studies have demonstrated a substantial reduction in pain related to both PEMF and laser light therapies with different mechanisms of action. WaveStim intends to use both and more specifically newly designed signaling sequences focused on specific protein and hormone up and down regulations especially down regulation of oestrogen production.

The Wave team working with the Leonhardt’s Launchpads innovation accelerators in California, Utah, Pittsburgh and Australia has developed over 20 patent pending bioelectic signaling sequences for controlling protein expressions mostly related to tissue and organ regeneration and some related to the eradication of cancer tumors, polyps, cysts and fibroids. Pacing infusion catheters have been developed to delivery both bioelectric signals and biologics infusions to remote locations within the body. Benchtop, portable and implantable programmable stimulators have been developed working with industry partners. Micro infusion pumps have been developed with partnership companies such as Fluid Synchrony LLC in Pasadena, California and Prometra Flowonix. The research team has under development a number of methods and apparatus for the delivery of hormone and protein expression controlling bioelectric signaling sequences via non-invasive means. Other Leonhardt’s Launchpads innovation accelerator startups have moved bioelectric stimulation products into clinical trials for hair, skin, diabetic ulcer healing, teeth gums, accelerator tooth movement, knee joints and erectile dysfunction.